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Christians made homeless by ISIS are not ready to leave their country yet, says cardinal

The Pope has accounts in a range of languages including English, Spanish and French

Fr Thomas Byles is said to have twice refused a seat on a lifeboat as the Titanic went down

The Archbishop of Westminster joined Archbishop Bashar Warda and the Chaldean community in a celebration of Mass on Sunday

Francis was speaking delivered a message at a Mass at St Peter’s Basilica on Sunday

Francis was speaking at a Mass at St Peter’s Basilica to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Armenian massacres

Francis laments that nations have ‘not yet reached a consensus on the reading of such sorrowful events’

Nearly 600 Americans are expected to be ordained to the priesthood this year

A priest had explained to her how nuns at the monastery prayed ‘for the Queen and England’

Charities providing help to immigrant children must provide contraception to youngsters, according to government regulations