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Live coverage of the Pope’s arrival in Nairobi at the start of his papal visit to Africa

The group are in good health after release negotiaited by church

Pope Francis sets off for Africa

The Pontiff’s flight for Kenya left Rome this morning

Announcement of Mgr Steven Lopes’s appointment made today

The prayer was revised by Benedict XVI in 2008 after he permitted wider celebration of Mass in the Extraordinary Form

Canon Paul McAleenan, a priest of the Diocese of Westminster, and Mgr John Wilson, a priest of the Diocese of Leeds, will be ordained in January

Bishop Arnold has says Salford parishes may be cut from 150 to 75 due to a lack of priests and a declining Catholic population

Gianna Masciantoni was kissed by the Pontiff during his visit to Philadelphia in September

Pope Francis has released video messages ahead of his visit to Central African Republic, Kenya and Uganda

Church of England angered by decision to refuse to show advert promoting prayer website prior to new Star Wars film