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Archbishop Leo Cushley said that anyone who misses Sunday Mass has to go to Confession before receiving Communion again

A leaked letter said the document ‘raises a series of problems of considerable importance’

Archbishop Philip Wilson stood aside after being found guilty of concealing child sex abuse

The priests survived abuse by the notorious Fr Fernando Karadima

Victor Manuel Fernandez, who helped draft Amoris Laetitia, is the new Archbishop of La Plata

The state-backed bishops have agreed to align the faith with communist ideals

The largest settlement ever in a bankruptcy case involving clerical abuse

A picture of the priest kneeling while a bishop prayed for him across a fence went viral this week

Although they may face ‘difficulties’, Catholic medics should stand up for the dignity of human life, Pope Francis said

The Bishop of Northampton will consult with Rome over whether to open the Cause for the writer