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His life was marked by courage and kindness as well as failings, the Archbishop of Westminster said at his funeral Mass

The cardinal said the interview, in which the Pope allegedly denied the existence of hell, was ‘beyond tolerable’

The Pope said he hoped ‘everything necessary may be done in order to continue compassionately accompanying little Alfie Evans’

They warn that the German Bishops’ Conference may have gone too far

Both miracles attributed to the ‘Pope of Humanae Vitae’ relate to unborn babies

The policy specifically targets Catholic schools while leaving other faiths alone

The Charity Commission said it was not satisfied that current safeguarding procedures are working properly

David Bereit, a former Presbyterian, had attended Mass every Sunday since January 1990

The act has been branded ‘sacrilegious’

Bishop Davies said that mortal sin, or ‘a lifestyle in contradiction with our Christian calling’, must be confessed and repented before receiving the Eucharist