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The bishop called for his diocese to shift from ‘maintenance to mission’

Bishop Michael Campbell of Lancaster said that this was a ‘fresh chapter’ in the life of the church

Bishop René Henry Gracida, a friend of St John Paul II and Mother Angelica, expressed his ‘gratitude’ for the document

However, Vatican officials accused him of spying on the private lives of his superiors

The Pope said he was concerned about ‘signs of intolerance, discrimination and xenophobia’ in Europe

The Ashling Hotel cancelled the event due to ‘health and safety’ after online abuse and threats of protest

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists is to vote on ‘decriminalising’ abortion

Bishop Schneider said that priests should ‘lovingly and respectfully’ tell their superiors that they cannot abandon the Church’s perennial teaching

The Archbishop of Lyon, Cardinal Barbarin, will attend court, alongside six other priests

Authorities stopped them celebrating Mass on Shrine property as they are in an ‘irregular canonical relationship’ with the Church