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The Bishop of Lancaster has entrusted a second historic church to the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest

‘The Church’s social teaching must also be applied to the way employees are treated here in the Vatican,’ the cardinal said

The cardinal said he did not see the need for the greeting when God’s Real Presence in the Holy Eucharist alone suffices

Bishop Delpini has spent most of his life in the archdiocese, and served as vicar general since 2012

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The foreign secretary said the terminally ill child cannot leave Great Ormond Street Hospital for legal reasons

Cardinal Meisner, who was Archbishop of Cologne for 25 years, was one of the four cardinals who submitted the ‘dubia’ to Pope Francis

Archbishop of Rennes Mgr Pierre d’Ornellas said such a decision could cause similar social divisions to the same-sex marriage vote in 2013

The hospital said they were willing to take the terminally ill child, whose life support is due to be turned off

Vatican says Holy Father is following Charlie Gard situation ‘with affection and commotion’