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First meeting of a pope and Russian patriarch takes place in Havana

Sister Anne de Sousberghe published a bestselling guide to catechesis in the 1960s

Bishop Egan says in a pastoral letter that sin is not like a ‘stain to be dry-cleaned’ but more a ‘lack of love or lovelessness’

A sneak preview of this week’s issue

Legislation would have liberalised law in case of fatal abnormalities, rape and incest

Luis Nobre claimed a connection to the Vatican that helped him and his associates steal £73 million

The Pontiff said in an interview he had been called by the German Chancellor, after she was angered by his comments on Europe

PETA’s Go Vegan and Feel Great for Lent pledge aims to ’embrace Christian values’

The money will be put towards major redevelopment of the shrine’s buildings

Francis described Europe as ‘a barren woman’ during a speech at the European parliament in 2014