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Albino Luciani was elected on the fourth ballot of the August 1978 conclave

Members of the Ratzinger-Schülerkreis meet at Castel Gandolfo

Another outstanding year for Catholic schools

Print edition 26.08.2011

Much of The Catholic Herald’s content – news, features, comment, letters and reviews – is only available to subscribers. This week, you can read our extensive coverage of the Pope’s World Youth Day visit to Madrid, including on-the-ground reportage from Madeleine Teahan. We report Bishop Roche’s view that Britain has lost its Christianity – hence the rioting in recent weeks. Jill, Duchess of Hamilton, describes how Assad is shoving Christians into the firing line in Syria. And Peter Stanford pens a moving tribute to Lord Longford, “unjustly pigeonholed as a ‘dotty peer’.” You can read it all online by subscribing here. Or, for a hard copy, go here.

A group of priests and lay people were arrested in the city of Tianshui, in northeastern China

Benedict XVI reflects on trip to Spain at general audience

Benedict XVI thanks his hosts at end of four-day trip

Respond to Christ with courage, Benedict XVI urges young

Fierce winds and rain interrupted the event

Two million adore Eucharist in silence with Benedict XVI