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Print Edition 25.10.13


In this week’s print edition of The Catholic Herald John MacLeod interviews Archbishop Leo Cushley; Fr Mark Drew says Pope Francis’s first six months in office have amazed Orthodox leaders; Sebastian Morello’s tells his startling conversion story; Fr John Kearns CP profiles the ‘saint’ attacked on England’s streets; Will Gore reviews the London Film Festival; […]

Print Edition 11.10.13


In this week’s print edition of The Catholic Herald Fr Julian Large says Pope Francis should not be defined the media; Lucetta Scaraffia tells Edward Pentin that women should run the Curia; Simon Caldwell reports on the Tyburn Nuns’ return to their homeland; Madeleine Teahan meets Andrew Copson of the British Humanist Association for the […]

Print Edition 4.10.13


In this week’s print edition of The Catholic Herald John Allen says that no one wants to admit there is a global war on Christians; Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith asks whether the Pope will introduce female cardinals; Megan Hodder interviews Eleanor Stewart about religious life in the 1960s; Fr Kevin Cusick on his experience of serving […]

Debate: Is the Catholic Church in its best shape ever?

Pope Francis speaks to reporters on his flight home from Rio (CNS)

Or is the Church actually in the grip of a crisis that threatens its very existence?

Print Edition 20.9.13

In this week’s print edition of The Catholic Herald Fr David Forrester discusses the future for seminarians in Britain; historian Leanda de Lisle says Catholics have much to be proud of in the modern age; Fr Julian Large says Fr Faber could one day be blessed; Ann Widdecombe reviews a new book that asks if […]

Photo gallery: Extraordinary pictures of the catacomb ‘saints’

A selection of images from Paul Koudounaris’s new book, Heavenly Bodies: Cult Treasures & Spectacular Saints from the Catacombs

Print Edition 13.9.13


In this week’s print edition of The Catholic Herald read our exclusive interview with Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor; RJ Stove reveals the complicated truth of new Australian PM Tony Abbott’s Catholicism; David V Barrett on the cult of death displacing devotion to Our Lady in Mexico; Benedict Rogers says religious intolerance is becoming part of life […]

Photo gallery: Breathtaking images of Christian heritage sites in north-east England

Pictures taken from new book, Landscapes of Faith: The Christian Heritage of the North East

Print edition 06.09.2013

September 6, 2013

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Print Edition 30.8.13


In this week’s print edition of The Catholic Herald Fr Mark Drew explains why Pope Francis wants us to turn to Mary; Stuart Reid says Catholics will love Breaking Bad; Rory Fitzgerald argues that Ireland is becoming a tough place to be a Catholic; Tim Stanley on God and suffering; RJ Stove says church music […]