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Print Edition 13.12.13

In this week’s print edition of The Catholic Herald American campaigner Abby Johnson explains why she walks out on the abortion industry; Melanie McDonagh explains why Nelson Mandela was a secular saint; an extract from Michael Coren’s new book says Catholicism is more relevant than ever; Daniel Cronin argues that Francis’s meeting with Benedict XVI […]

A scene from Of Gods and Men (CNS)

A timely moment to see Of Gods and Men

in the light of the taking of 12 nuns in Syria, Xavier Beauvois’ film about the assassination of Tibhirine is more powerful than ever

'Billy Bob Thornton, as secret service agent Forrest Sorrells, seems to have been asked to just look stern and march up and down corridors a lot'

Film review: Parkland

An attempt to depict the assassination of JFK through the eyes of the people who were there amounts to a dull historical re-enactment


Print Edition 18.10.13

In this week’s print edition of The Catholic Herald Julie Etchingham on the Sisters who are taking on the traffickers; Melanie McDonagh asks whether Catholics must back mass immigration; Paul Johnson says CS Lewis was Britain’s St Augustine; Edward Pentin explains how to visit Rome in the austerity era; Jonathan Luxmoore discusses why churches in […]

Seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong (AP)

The Tour de France champion is still hiding behind the excuse that all professional cyclists took drugs


Print Edition 27.9.13

In this week’s print edition of the Catholic Herald former Labour spin doctor Damian McBride talks about his controversial political memoirs; Cristina Odone argues Pope Francis has tamed the wolves of Fleet Street; Joseph Pearce reveals how Catholicism saved him from a life of hatred in the National Front; Miguel Cullen interviews artist Michael Landy; […]


Print Edition 9.8.13

In this week’s print edition of The Catholic Herald Megan Hodder meets Catholic singer Audrey Assad; Fr Mark Drew says he is fed up with false comparisons between Benedict XVI and Pope Francis; Piers Paul Read asks, why did God bless the Irish?; Christopher Howse on the bold priest who brought us gerbils; June Rockett […]


Print Edition 26.7.13

In this week’s print edition of The Catholic Herald there is full coverage of Pope Francis’s visit to Brazil for World Youth Day 2013; Madeleine Teahan interviews Jacob Rees-Mogg MP; the strange disappearance of Fr Henry Borynski is re-examined; Mary Kenny says Lord Longford was right all along; Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith asks whether the Church […]


Print Edition 5.7.13

In this week’s edition of The Catholic Herald Melanie McDonagh argues that we must not let Richard Dawkins win over the next generation; Dennis Sewell says austerity chic is of no use to the poor; in the first of a series of interviews with critics of the Church, Ed West speaks to Stonewall chief executive […]


Print Edition 31.5.13

In this week’s edition of The Catholic Herald Cardinal George Pell talks exclusively about his new role as one of eight senior advisers to the Pope; agnostic Peter Nightingale says the Catholic Church is right to oppose sterilisation; Stuart Reid says we need to calm down about gay marriage; and Anna Arco ponders why atheists […]