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Atheists like Dawkins have strange ideas about what we believe

We just can’t judge on the basis of Mass cards containing only the people’s parts

Anglican cathedrals aren’t the centre of their dioceses: and the St Paul’s clergy don’t all believe in Christmas

A lynch-mob is a frightful thing. But just as William Hague was right to say that we don’t approve of extra-judicial killings, is a judicial killing in cold blood any better?

If we are going to adopt morally superior attitudes, we had better be sure we are actually morally superior

And why do the police so unquestioningly follow the instructions of the social services?

Whether you agree that Catholics should actually Unplug their Televisions, we need to understand that this is a dangerous medium

Mass in Latin unified the world Church: the vernacular has Balkanised it

As the psalmist declaimed, ‘it is a people that do err in their heart’. We do need a ‘Big Society’: but on what will it be built?