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It’s urgent that he explains his speech to the General Synod

Our refusal to do the same has nothing to do with toleration: we just don’t have the political courage

It hasn’t just been about singing ‘Danny Boy’: in Ulster it’s meant death and destruction

Why, by now, haven’t we learned the huge importance of accurate translation?

Yes, there should: but let’s knock this ‘Taliban’ stuff on the head

Nostra Aetate is enough by itself; but if you are anti-Vatican II, have a look at Quanto conficiamur moerore

Traditional liturgical language will be part of the Anglican patrimony; and one day, we might be able to use it, too

It’s about building ‘fraternity and peace’: anything wrong with that?

Some bishops are demanding RE as part of the English Baccalaureate. But why? In Catholic schools, 90% lapse

But that’s Australia: surely our own dear Greens are more wholesome? Don’t you believe it