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I say, let us depart: Brussels is now the capital of a quasi-imperialist hegemony

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This is how things are meant to be: get used to it

The BBC asked me this twice in one morning. And the reason is simple: it’s a matter of obedience. Nobody said being a Catholic was easy

The last two popes have said it all: or should we keep quiet about that, too?

There are so many stories about his warmth and charity it is hard to know where to begin

The new text is resonant and accurate: it puts to shame the translations we use at the moment

In fact, I suspect that I might be capable of something much worse

To begin with, where did President Ali Zardari get his personal fortune of £1.5 billion? I only ask

Gill and Gill traded under 20 monarchs and 76 prime ministers: now we are living in a new and impersonal world