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Etsuro Sotoo is completing the main sculptures of the Sagrada Familia

Addressing more than 7,000 people of the Neocatechumenal Way, Pope Benedict XVI has approved the celebrations marking the itinerary of Christian initiation

Benedict XVI tells US bishops it is ‘imperative’ that Catholics realised the grave threats presented by radical secularism

At his weekly general audience the Pope reflects on the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, which begins today

Georg Ratzinger was born on January 15, 1924

Italian police keep campaigners out of the Vatican

Pope Benedict XVI meets a crocodile

There was an unusual visitor today during the Pope’s general audience: a three-year-old Cuban crocodile, about 40cm long

At his weekly general audience Benedict XVI reflects on the Last Supper

Cuban ambassador to Holy See says trip will leave deep mark

During his first general audience of 2012, Benedict XVI talked about the “joy and light” of the season and the power of the Holy Eucharist