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Indonesian police say the congregation restrained the 18-year-old assailant

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The sisters cited a decrease in sufficient vocations as the reason for their departure

A peace deal has been reached in Colombia which will see the end to the longest internal armed conflict in the western hemisphere

Police said the graffiti was of a sectarian nature

The bodies of two nuns who served their community ‘faithfully for many years’ have been found at their home in Mississippi

US bishops and Iranian religious leaders vow to work together to fight extremism

In a meeting with 28 Jesuit priests, the Pope encouraged clergy to practice ‘spiritual discernment’ when advising those seeking help

The deputy mayor of Nice said that both habits and burkinis were banned on local beaches in an interview yesterday on Radio 4

The canon lawyer Kurt Martens said that Amoris Laetitia had to be interpreted in line with previous Church teaching