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Catholic peer Lord Alton says he is ‘sceptical’ that the role has been downgraded

The new autobiographical work will be translated by St Mary’s University theologian Jacob Phillips

Katie Ledecky, who prays before races, won four gold medals and one silver at the Games

Inspections at abortion clinics in England have prompted serious concerns about patient welfare

A suicide bomber killed 51 people at a Kurdish wedding party on Saturday

Fr Laurence Soper was arrested on Sunday after returning to the UK from Kosovo

Pope Francis and the UN have called for action after at least 36 Christians are hacked to death

Joe Kovacs, a member of the Knights of Columbus, was trained in the sport by his mother

Bishop Kevin Farrell, head of the new office for marriage and family life, say the subjects are key for the future of society

Massimo Bottura, one of the world’s top chefs, said: ‘We want to rebuild the dignity of people’