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According to the Holy Spirit Study Centre of Hong Kong’s Catholic diocese, the rules would tighten controls of foreign clergy and religious material on the internet

Pope Francis visited Amatrice, in central Italy, on Tuesday morning

The chief prosecutor for Michoacan said Fr Jose Alfredo Lopez Guillen was killed after meeting with the men at his residence

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Bishop Oliver Dashe Doeme of Maiduguri said the terrorist group have been pushed back

Cardinal Gerald Lacroix of Quebec said he would not follow in the steps of other Canadian bishops

Quoting a Muslim poet, Francis said religions should help people build better societies

Mother Marie Adele Garnier, the foundress of the Tyburn Nuns, wrote of the Eucharistic miracle in a letter to a friend

The retired pope had hoped to stay in the papacy until 2014, according to Mgr Georg Gaenswein

The Archbishop of Rouen led a procession through Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray before celebrating Mass at the church