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PR expert Francesca Chaouqui has given birth to a boy named Pietro as the trial into alleged leak of Vatican documents continues

Wyatt said she was looking forward to starting ‘a new chapter’ as a radio presenter

Cardinal Joao Braz de Aviz said that the Vatican has begun asking more than a dozen orders to send their superiors to Rome to discuss concerns

Bishop John Noonan led an interfaith prayer service attended by 700 people after the Pulse nightclub massacre

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Pope Francis commissioned a study into the role of women deacons

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith’s letter to bishops around the world has been published

The letter, Iuvenescit Ecclesia, regarding the relationship between hierarchical and charismatic gifts in the life and the mission of the Church has been sent to bishops by the CDF

In a joint statement, Syriac patriarchs said ‘the wound of forced emigration is still bleeding’

Trial begins of four men accused of carrying out religiously aggravated assault