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Jesus is ‘free of charge’, says Pope during his weekly general audience

Pope Francis praised for the ‘simple message’ he delivered to the troubled country’s Christians and Muslims

Fr Peter Miqueli of St Frances de Chantal Parish told parishioners he was ‘not guilty of the charges’ brought against him

North America’s only Holy Door at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Quebec was opened on the weekend

Francis has approved decrees for 17 on path to sainthood

In the past 50 years, the number of religious brothers has decreased drastically

Francis is set to visit Mexico in February 2016

The message for World Peace Day is on January 1 will be delivered to world leaders by Vatican ambassadors

The Pope made the announcement during Mass in St Peter’s Basilica honouring Our Lady of Guadalupe

Archbishop Antonio Mennini is the first nuncio to Great Britain to make an official visit to the Navy