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Protestors chanted and prayed on the streets of the capital city Abuja yesterday

The cardinal said that Pope Francis had offered ‘a much deeper understanding’ of discernment

Mr Sanders will be speaking at a conference organised by the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

The Pope said that the Church needed courageous witnesses in world which was hostile to the Gospel

Conference attendees called for a new way of thinking ‘consistent with Gospel nonviolence’

Fr Lombardi said that the Pope’s visit to refugees in Lesbos was a ‘humanitarian and ecumenical’ gesture

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The bishops said that refugees’ right to human dignity and to protection needed to be upheld

“The strong feeling is, ‘If I can’t speak for myself, if I’m alone with no family members, are they going to kill me?'” said Archbishop Smith

Under the proposed deal, contraception would only be offered under a separate insurance plan