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Bishops ask for more foreign aid to support the African nation’s 6.5 million people in need of food

The Pope has delivered a video message to participants at the “Together for Europe” gathering in Munich

British diplomats and French leaders were among those to warn about religious conflict in post-invasion Iraq

Addressing a crowd of homeless and impoverished pilgrims from France, the Pope instructed believers to pray for those who lack compassion

Francis expressed ‘feelings of deepest sympathy and compassion’ to Beau Solomon’s parents

Tony Blair presented evidence on weapons of mass destruction ‘with a certainty that was not justified’, inquiry finds

Teachers have voiced support for a proposed partnership with Roehampton University in order to protect Heythrop from total closure

The case of a woman who requested an abortion in 2013 has prompted scrutiny of the country’s law on abortion

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The Pontifical Council for Migrants and Travellers released a message for Sea Sunday