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Cardinal Christoph Schonborn opened the European gathering of the World Apostolic Congress of Mercy in Rome

Francis says it would be ‘beautiful’ if every diocese opened a hospital, care home or treatment centre as a memorial to the year

The bishops have called for the permanent ban to mark Poland’s conversion to Christianity

The Little Sisters are challenging the mandate that most religious employers must cover contraceptives through employer-provided health insurance

Mother Angelica’s funeral took place at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament

In exchange of messages Pakistan archbishop offers thanks for prayers, saying: ‘We feel we are not alone’

Such a procedure, outlined in the Journal of Medical Ethics, would allow medics to remove a patient’s heart before they died

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Vatican judicial authorities launch inquiry over restructuring work allegedly costing $480,000

Vatican doctrinal chief says Catholics ‘cannot accept that there exist sufficient reasons to separate from the Church’