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Christian women are more likely to attend weekly religious services than men, study finds

By washing the feet of the refugees, ‘Francis is asking for respect for each one of them,’ Archbishop Rino Fisichella said

The Pope quoted from Julian’s vision in which Jesus told her ‘if I might suffer more, I would suffer more’

‘We must stay faithful to our message of peace,’ Archbishop Josef De Kesel told a French newspaper

Father Lukasz J Willenberg has broken an Army foot-march speed record

The Commission of Justice and Peace of the Assembly of the Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land released a statement yesterday

The bishop of Maiduguri said it was his duty to stay and not abandon his people

ISIS reportedly said that they killed Hussein Ali Sarkar as a lesson to others

The Pope asked all people of good will to condemn Tuesday’s ‘cruel abominations’ in Belgium’s capital