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Patriarch Sako says law shows a ‘total disregard’ for the values of Iraqi civilisation

Fr Fernando Karadima told a court in Santiago he has never abused children

Papal team are investigating Ciudad Juarez in advance of the Pope’s February trip

The US archdiocese has had its re-organisation proposals approved by the courts

At his general audience, Pope Francis gave the latest in his series of talks on family life

Darren Posey of Catholic Relief Services said it was time for opposing parties to seek common ground

MOAS have launched a new rescue mission to help thousands of Syrians crossing the Aegean sea

Tyshawn Lee was killed in alleged gang execution on November 2

Pope Francis is scheduled to visit the war-torn country later this month

‘I want a happy Church with the face of a mother, who understands, accompanies, caresses,’ Holy Father tells Italian Catholics