Thu 24th Apr 2014 | Last updated: Thu 24th Apr 2014 at 00:36am

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Francis: I ask forgiveness for damage caused by abusers

Pope Francis has promised action on clerical abuse (PA)

Pope says Church ‘must be very strong’ in response to clerical abuse

Students outraged as union votes to ban pro-life rallies

Pro-life protests, like this one in Dublin, could be banned at Cardiff University (PA)

Religious groups and pro-abortion students at Cardiff University fight proposed ban

Pope Francis: Human trafficking is an open wound on society

Pope Francis with Cardinal Nichols, Theresa May and police chiefs Below: Francis arrives at the conference and Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe signs the trafficking declaration while Cardinal Nichols watches on (Flickr/Mazur)

Francis addresses Combating Human Trafficking Conference in the Vatican

Dutch Jesuit priest in Homs killed

Fr van der Lugt with Syrian civilians in January

Fr van der Lugt had chosen to stay in beseiged, starving city

David Cameron: Christians are the most persecuted around the world

The prime minister spoke up against Christian persecution

Prime minister says we must stand up for persecuted