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In a letter to Cardinal Parolin, Francis said until a new apostolic constitution is created established rules still apply

Morning Catholic must-reads: 28/10/15

A daily guide to what’s happening in the Catholic Church

Reports suggest an attack on Muslim rebels has led to revenge attacks on Christians in the capital Bangui

A huge number of exorcism cases has led a to recruitment drive in Manila

The House of Representatives voted to redirect the money to community health centres, but President Obama will veto the bill

Lord Alton has said the killing of Christians in Syria is a ‘genocide that dares not speak its name’

The bishops have called for ‘courageous and imaginative political leadership’ ahead of UN conference

Cardinal Ján Korec, who was imprisoned then forced to work as a road sweeper, has died aged 91

Bishop of Mendi, Donald Lippert

Bishop organising anti-sorcery meeting says nuns have been ‘threatened, stoned and burned’ while trying to help victims

The Pope addressed 7,000 travellers to mark the 50th anniversary of Blessed Paul VI’s meeting with Roma people