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Satanic group had planned to use the sacred Host in ‘black Mass’ in Oklahoma City

Maryknoll Father Fr Gerard Hammond has made 51 trips to the North since 1995

‘He took to heart all the situations I spoke about,’ Cardinal Filoni says

Pontiff consoles family in Rochester, New Hampshire, after killing by Islamists

The Archbishop of Canterbury’s campaign against payday lenders shows the influence of distributism, says Carl Packman

Print Edition: August 22nd

This week we bring you in-depth coverage of Pope Francis’s visit to Korea including his beatification of 124 South Korean martyrs. Meanwhile, Dr Amal Marogy tells Bess Twiston-Davies about her mission to save the ancient Christian culture of Iraq, Mgr Keith Newton explains why he is wooing Anglicans longing for unity and Mary Kenny reveals why Thomas Aquinas is the expert on cannabis. Why not try our Catholic Herald 6 issues for £6 special appetiser deal?

American forces have conducted 14 new strikes since Tuesday

The patriarchs visited refugees and prayed with them at three churches in Irbil

Before Diane and John Foley had confirmation that their son was missing, his mother said that she just felt it

The president of Argentina called him to express her sorrow following the death of his relatives in a car accident