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The proposed law would allow the terminally ill with less than six months to live the right to an assisted suicide

Squatter activists have turned the land into a farm used by 75 families

Bishop Crosby says investment in overseas abortion services is an attempt to impose ‘so-called Canadian values on other nations’

Ruslan Sokolovsky is on trial for inciting religious hatred

The current vicar, Cardinal Agostino Vallini, is two years beyond retirement age

The study said that secularists have tended to have fewer children since the 19th century

39 girls were killed and others injured in a blaze that began in a youth shelter after mattresses were set alight

Reports in Italy claim Francis will visit Cairo’s Al-Azhar, the leading centre of learning of Sunni Islam, in May

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The trip will begin on September 6, the country’s president and nuncio have announced