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The Vatican official criticised the ‘myopia’ of those making ‘continued attacks’ on Vatican rapprochement with China

The policy specifically targets Catholic schools while leaving other faiths alone

The Charity Commission said it was not satisfied that current safeguarding procedures are working properly

A 10-year-old girl was also injured

An agreement means Caritas Rome will continue receiving the coins until the end of the year at least

David Bereit, a former Presbyterian, had attended Mass every Sunday since January 1990

The act has been branded ‘sacrilegious’

The Chaldean Catholic Patriarch said Iraq may be ‘the cradle of civilisation,’ but has been transformed into a country of disasters

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles alone welcomed 1,700 catechumens and 1,127 candidates

The Pope prayed for ‘the beloved and long-suffering land of Syria, whose people are worn down by an apparently endless war’