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Asking his family and friends to pressure the authorities, he said, ‘Please, please, do what you what you can to get me released. May God bless you for that.’

‘It’s now time to give back to the tribe all of those pieces of land that were given to the church for church purposes,’ Fr John Hatcher said

Irish society is being ‘hugely impacted by secularisation,’ Archbishop Eamon Martin said

The blasphemy case was a decisive factor in Ahok’s defeat to a Muslim candidate in last month’s election

‘We must hope he succeeds for the good of our country, otherwise it will be catastrophic,’ the Archbishop of Marseilles said

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Father Solanus Casey will be beatified after the authenticity of a miracle is recognised by Pope Francis

The conference will also celebrate the scientific legacy of Msgr George Lemaitre, one of the fathers of the ‘Big Bang theory’

‘A priest who perhaps has studied a lot of theology and has one, two or three degrees, but has not learned to carry the cross of Christ is useless,’ the Pope said

The man had was among many Christians to flee the town of El-Arish just three months earlier, but had returned to find work