Thu 17th Apr 2014 | Last updated: Thu 17th Apr 2014 at 20:06pm

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The fragility of human life is part of its beauty, says Pope

Pope Francis has said that the sanctity of human life is recognised through its fragility (CNS)

Pope Francis addressed the Pontifical Council for Health Care Ministry today

Remains of unborn children incinerated to heat hospitals

Addenbrooke’s is one of the hospitals named in the Channel 4 programme (PA)

Ten NHS trusts have admitted to burning foetal remains

Ukrainian bishop urges Europe to step up sanctions against Russia

Bishop Borys Gudziak, eparch of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Eparchy of Paris

Bishop Gudziak said the EU should show it is ‘serious about what it stands for’

British priest to help Cardinal Marx overhaul Vatican finances

Cardinal Marx, pictured, will now be assisted by a British priest (CNS)

Canon law expert Mgr Ferme appointed by Pope Francis

Abuse survivor is named to Vatican commission combating abuse

Marie Collins, right, and Baroness Hollins at a Vatican-backed conference on abuse

Marie Collins among eight members of the new Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors