Boys from St Paul’s Catholic High School in Wythenshawe develop their communications skills on radio

Three Year 9 pupils from St Paul’s Catholic High School in Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester, have been busy broadcasting their own radio show on Wythenshawe FM.

The boys, Leonardo Vieru, Lewis Parry and Elliot Robertson, have a show every fortnight from 4pm to 5pm where they play music, review games and movies and discuss items of current interest. Their programme is broadcast throughout the Wythenshawe area.

The show is so effective and enjoyable that it was voted the Best Youth Show on WFM.

The radio show provides the youngsters with the opportunity to develop skills of enquiry and communication through research and selection of material to broadcast. At the same time, the pupils are able to develop their skills and sense of responsibility through negotiation, decision-making and participation in running the radio programme.

When designing the programme they carefully considered the effect of their chosen music and transcripts on their audience and considered if the choices they made were appropriate and suitable to the target audience.

Lewis Parry said: “I am really grateful that I have been lucky enough to get this opportunity. It has allowed me to learn first-hand all about radio broadcasting.”

Elliot Robertson added: “It has been a fantastic insight into the communications world. We have learned a great deal from this experience, it also enables us to get our voices heard in our own communities.”

Leonardo Veiru said: “It has boosted my confidence and given me valuable experience of working in a broadcasting environment.”

Wiktor Daron, headteacher, said: “This has been a great way for the students to learn not just radio skills but to gain confidence in speaking publicly and to get their voice heard across Wythenshawe.”