Catholic artists to exhibit work at Duddington Manor near Stamford, Lincolnshire

James Gillick, together with his twin, the sculptor Theodore Gillick, will be exhibiting new artworks in the fine Jacobean setting of Theodore’s home near Stamford, Lincolnshire, in early September.

This rare type of art event will, the Catholic twins hope, be a rekindling of the direct relationship between artist and client. This show will be an opportunity to view new work at the home and workplace of an artist.

Theodore works in both marble and metal, capturing in bronze the bounce of a hare, the stringy power of a cheetah and the great towering beauty of a horse. The show will run over 10 days with food, drink and soft chairs.

James Gillick’s serene still lifes will undoubtedly play a large part; from peaceful studies of bread and eggs to more vibrantly coloured blooms of tulips and irises he continues to demonstrate his impressive skill within this genre. James feels that his painting has relaxed and matured over the last few years.

“My pictures retain all of the quietness and sensitivity to atmosphere that people have written about but the work is fuller,” he said. “It knows itself more.”

This show also gives James the scope to create and exhibit work on a considerably larger scale, a scale usually confined to private commissions that seldom get seen in public. Therefore a series of new large scale genre pieces, inspired by a visit that James made to Brittany, will also be unveiled. James’s larger works are intended in part to cater for the trend to simplify interiors in which the “miner’s cottage” look is replaced with boldly placed larger works.

Preparations for this show are taking place while James is completing existing commissions for his clients: from life-size horse portraits to landscapes to church pieces. The exhibition runs September 9-19 at Duddington Manor.