Pupils talk about seeing the Pope at several of the major events

A number of pupils and staff from Stonyhurst College in Lancashire travelled to see His Holiness at several venues.

The head boy, John Golden, and head girl, Naomi Jackson, went to St Mary’s University College, Twickenham, and reported on the event live on BBC Radio Lancashire. Five pupils travelled with the Diocese of Salford to see the Pope outside Westminster Cathedral and attended the Vigil of Prayer in Hyde Park.

Sam Eachus, 17, said: “I expected to be in a huge crowd and just see the top of the Pope’s head.

“But we were really close to him in Hyde Park. It felt such a privilege. Everyone was so crazy to see the Pope, not just me but everyone as a whole community.”

Finally, a party of 50 pupils of all ages, parents and staff boarded a coach at 2am on Sunday to go to Cofton Park, Birmingham on Sunday, September 19.

“Every time the Pope spoke, there was complete silence,” observed Catherine Mouttet, 17. “We all wanted to know what he had to say. His message to live your life following the truth and trusting in God with all your heart was uplifting. His presence was powerful. I knew that God was near.”

Pope Benedict XVI beatified Cardinal John Henry Newman at the Mass at Cofton Park. It was the first beatification ever to take place on British soil.