Documentary about abortion industry in the US is premiered in Notting Hill, west London

A documentary exploring the abortion industry in the United States, and its emphasis on profitability, had its premiere in London last week. Two hundred and fifty attended.

A preview of the film, Blood Money, which features interviews with former clinic employees and abortion patients, was released on YouTube earlier this month. The 78 minute film was screened at the Notting Hill Coronet in London on October 27, the 33rd anniversary of the Abortion Act in Britain.

The film examines the history of abortion in America, from the Roe vs Wade ruling in 1973, to the creation of abortion clinics, the denial of when life begins and the devastating effects abortion has on women. The hard-hitting film – narrated by Alveda King, granddaughter of the civil rights campaigner Martin Luther King – has been made by an anti-abortion campaigner, David K Kyle.

His interviews with Carol Everette, who used to run abortion clinics in Dallas and is now a pro-life speaker, are particularly poignant.

Miss Everette, who says in the film that she has been involved in the deaths of 35,000 babies, talks of several practices in place during her time running the clinics aimed at maximising profit from abortion services.

Mr Kyle said he hoped that the documentary would encourage people to become more involved in pro-life activities.
Mr Kyle said: “People are making millions upon millions of dollars off the murdering of innocent babies. We want to motivate people to do something, even people in the pro-life community.”

The screening was organised by the London 40 Days for Life team that has been keeping a prayer vigil outside the Marie Stopes clinic in central London from September 22 to October 31 in parallel with similar vigils all over the world.

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