Catholic teachers in Cheshire raise money for families living in the townships of South Africa

Anne Scanlon, head teacher, and Louise Keegan, assistant teacher, from All Saints Catholic Primary School in Sale, Cheshire, have just finished raising £8,000 for the Niall Melon Irish Township Trust, which aims to build quality social housing for impoverished families living in shacks in the townships of South Africa.

The two teachers organised a final fundraising event at St Mary’s parish centre as part of this year’s 2010 Levenshulme Festival which helped them reach their target. The trust helps build homes in the poverty stricken shanty townships of South Africa.

The two young teachers are due to fly out in mid November to help build the homes as part of a five-day building blitz, and the money raised will help pay for the building materials for the project.

Levenshulme councillor James Hennigan agreed to host the event and used his DJing skills to keep everyone entertained on the dance floor. He said: “It was lovely to see three generations of a family out enjoying themselves. That it is what a real community festival is all about and I was delighted to offer my services free of charge to Louise who does so much for the community.

“I had officially hung up my DJ headphones but Louise persuaded me to come out of retirement for one final spin of the discs.”

Ms Keegan and Ms Scanlon said: “We would like to thank everyone.”