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St Cecilia’s Abbey welcomes Sister Margaret Ross

A Sister makes her solemn profession at the Benedictine Abbey of St Cecilia

By on Wednesday, 24 November 2010

St Cecilia’s Abbey welcomes Sister Margaret Ross

St Cecilia’s Abbey on the northern coast of the Isle of Wight was recently pleased to witness a Solemn Profession.

Sister Margaret Ross prostrated herself during the litany of the saints at her Solemn Monastic Profession on November 11, Feast of St Martin, at the Abbey at Ryde. Fr Abbot Cuthbert Brogan of Farnborough presided at the two-hour ceremony.

Also present in the sanctuary were Fr Gregory Corcoran and Fr Nicholas Spencer of Quarr, Fr Anthony Glaysher of St Mary’s Ryde, and two monks of Pluscarden, Fr Matthew Tylor and Fr Benedict Hardy. After the ceremony Sister Margaret’s novitiate companions greeted her, among them Sister Elizabeth Burgess, who looks forward to her Solemn Profession next year, Sister Mary Thomas Brown who made her First Profession on October 18 this year, Clara Beards, who entered the Abbey as a postulant in September, and Sister Marie-Therese Dempsey, who received the habit earlier in the year on July 9.
St Cecilia’s Abbey is a community of Benedictine nuns who live a traditional monastic life of prayer, work and study. The Divine Office is sung in Latin in Gregorian Chant.

  • DB

    How wonderful! I know Sister Marie-Therese (Clare) Dempsey well and I am delighted that God has called her to her first solemn profession!

  • AmatorVeritatis

    I have visited this community and found it quite wonderful! Well done, Sisters and congratulations to Sister Margaret!