Pupils at St Thomas of Canterbury primary school celebrate week of art

Pupils at St Thomas of Canterbury primary school, Walsall, came together on Friday to celebrate their achievements following a week of art across the school.

Each class had spent every afternoon of the previous week studying an artist and using their styles to develop their creative skills. As a celebration of their efforts, the children invited representatives from the community, as well as their families, to come and see the spectacular art they had produced.

“This was absolutely wonderful and a great idea,” one parent said. “It’s an inspiration to all the students to do more.”

One of the highlights of the gallery was work done by year 5 and 6 children with the visiting artist Ian Preston.

The children were able to draw with light using movement in a blackened room and a camera using a long exposure.

They then used computers to adapt their shapes into patterns, with astounding results.

The children all enjoyed the opportunity to meet and greet the visitors and share just what they had learnt. Diedra Chitopota, year 3, who had been studying the Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky, said: “I was nervous at first, but now I can just blend in. This is the best thing I’ve ever done.”

Fr Robert Murphy, parish priest at St Thomas of Canterbury church, said: “The guides were excellent and the exhibitors knew about each display.”

The display was a great success for the school and the community and a great day was had by all.