Two novices join Nazareth House in Hammersmith after completing their time as postulants

Sunday November 21 was a day of joy at the Nazareth House novitiate in Hammersmith. Two new novices, Sisters Marisa and Priscilla, joined having completed their time as postulants while two other novices are departing to make their first profession. Sister Maria Ramonita is returning to the USA for first profession and Sr Regina Mary from Samoa will take her vows in Australia.

The novices come from a variety of backgrounds – a newspaper subeditor, a librarian, a student, a merchandiser, a parish worker and a house manager for a diplomat. All are aspiring to final profession as Sisters of Nazareth to work with the poor, disadvantaged, elderly and children throughout the world.

As she enters the novitiate, Sister Marisa said: “This is my second door, my next step in my religious vocation, continuing to serve God and his people. I learned a lot as a postulant working with elderly people in Cardiff.”

Sister Maria Ramonita said: “We are a different kind of Sister Act. We are a family, supporting each other and learning from each other and travelling together. I have enjoyed being a novice in Hammersmith, people have been very kind to us.”

For information about a Nazareth House vocation, contact Sister Mary Francis on 01604 751033.