Nicola Morgan, the award-winning Scottish children’s author, visits St Paul’s Catholic High School in Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester

Nicola Morgan, the award-winning Scottish children’s author, recently visited St Paul’s Catholic High School in Wythenshawe, Greater Manchester, where she spoke to a group of pupils about her writing, her style and the inspiration for her ideas.

The pupils listened with fascination as Miss Morgan, who has now had more than 80 books published, brought the books to life.

“For as long as I can remember, I have loved messing around with words,” she explained. “I love the power of words, the sounds they make and the different pictures they conjure. When I write, I am playing with words, and I always read my work aloud so I can hear it, too.

“When the sound, rhythm and meaning blend perfectly, that’s when language becomes music. I’m not saying I achieve that, just that I try.”

Maria Evans, head of English, said: “I was delighted by the interest shown by our pupils about Nicola’s books. It was also very impressive that Nicola mentioned that our pupils had asked the best questions out of all the schools she had visited.”

Irena Savova, the school librarian, said: “It was a pleasure to have Nicola visit the school. The pupils really enjoyed their time with her and asked some very interesting and thought-provoking questions. I am now looking forward to seeing how they transfer this learning into their creative writing.”

Wiktor Daron, head teacher at St Paul’s, said: “The visit has inspired our pupils to want to read, write, and learn more about the process of writing.

“The experience of having an author visit the school is one of the valuable gifts we can offer our pupils. It brings to life the magic of books and the joy of reading in a very special way.”

St Paul’s is the first school in Manchester to be awarded Engineering College status.

Meanwhile, the work of the school’s drama teacher, Ellie Brookes, was recognised with her winning the much coveted North West Teacher of the Year Award 2009.

Also Ursula Gallagher, head of humanities at the school, gained third place in the Outstanding New Teacher of the Year category of the Northern Area Teacher of the Year 2010.