Sixth-form pupils at St Benedict's school in west London collect money for Action Aid

Pupils in the lower sixth at St Benedict’s School, Ealing in west London have held a collection of small change on behalf of the charity Action Aid.

Rhianna Ilube and Oliver Graves from Julie Greenhough’s tutor group organised the event and fellow-students in the sixth form were asked to simply give £1.

The idea was to buy some practical items that would make a real difference to lives. As an international development agency Action Aid works not only to tackle the effects of poverty but strives to change what keeps people poor. For the same price as a DVD a mosquito net could be bought that works to protect a family of five. For the price of a designer T shirt a child could be educated for a whole year.

The collection raised enough money to purchase not only the mosquito net and a child’s education but many such items as fishing net, chicken breeding programme and goat breeding programme.