Mount St Mary’s College, a Catholic school in Derbyshire, receives glowing Independent Schools Council report

Mount St Mary’s College, a Catholic school in Derbyshire, has received a glowing Independent School’s Council report with many areas rated as “outstanding”.

The pupils’ performance at GCSE and A-level and their achievements were noted as “impressive”, as were the provisions for student personal development and the range of extra-curricular activities.

The report also praised the school’s ethos of developing each student intellectually, artistically and physically, according to the individual needs and abilities of the pupil, through the “flexibility within the broad and balanced curriculum”.

Laurence McKell, headmaster at Mount St Mary’s, said: “The report is a testament to the dedication of the staff to develop an environment which provides an excellent standard of education, where pupils are encouraged to grow into individuals, supported throughout their time at the Mount.

“We are delighted that the report praised our ethos of developing pupils not just academically, but spiritually, physically and emotionally, through a range of extra-curricular activities, allowing every pupil choice and opportunity to flourish leaving school ready to face whatever challenges that lie ahead.” The teaching pupils receive at the college was also highlighted as significantly contributing to the standards of exam results achieved.

The college, which has 428 pupils from ages 11-18 years, was also praised for the continuous support and development of pupils, allowing them to grow into responsible individuals.

The inspection recognised the pastoral care the college provides which the pupils benefit from, contributing to the good relationships that exist in the school between the students and teachers.

It was also noted that pupils who board at the college are provided with a place which makes them feel safe and secure.