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Murdered leader is honoured

Members of the British Pakistani Christian Association commemorate the death of murdered Pakistani minister Shahbaz Bhatti

By on Thursday, 7 April 2011

Wilson Chowdhry pictured with the group who met for the interreligious meeting

Wilson Chowdhry pictured with the group who met for the interreligious meeting

Members of the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA) have taken part in an interreligious event commemorating the assassination of the Catholic Pakistani minister Shahbaz Bhatti who was killed last month.

Christians, Muslims and members of the Baha’i leadership gathered at the Notational Baha’i centre in central London to pray together and remember Mr Bhatti’s contribution to Pakistani society.

The BPCA chose Psalm 23 and the Lord’s Prayer as the contribution from Pakistani Christians and a prayer was also formulated by other groups from the Book of Common Prayer .

Salas Kiani from the Pakistani High Commission spoke on behalf of the High Commissioner. He talked of Mr Bhatti’s endearing character, which had touched him significantly although they had only met once. Mr Kiani said that the government was committed to pushing through reforms to make Pakistan’s society one that was more fair. He was a good advocate for the government and his words were both respectful and meaningful. He spoke of a strong commitment to see a good outcome from the assassination of Mr Bhatti.

Wilson Chowdhry of the BPCA spoke about Mr Bhatti’s commitment to ensuring that the Christian community was recognised. Mr Chowdhry talked about Mr Bhatti’s reluctant entry into politics­ – he turned down three government posts before realising that he could only effect change from within.

David Griffiths of the South Asian team at Christian Solidarity Worldwide and John Bosco from Christian Social Link, a human rights organisation, were among the speakers. Dr Kishan Manocha from the Bahai Community called for unity between Pakistan’s different religions.

  • Wilson Chowdhry

    The British Pakistani Christian Association is holding a protest on the 2nd of July 2011 calling for reform of the Blasphemy Laws that have been key in the opression of Christians in Pakistan. Please join us, it will be great to have our Catholic brothers and sisters join us. Further details can be found by following the link:

  • Jehanzaibsingha

    Lots of Smiling faces gathered for picture to be displayed on face book and print media…. Cheers for Slain Minister guyss.

  • Wilson Chowdhry

    Hey I am sorry you feel this way if you read my blog perhaps you would like to hear about the beating I received inside the Pakistani Embassy on behalf of our Pakistani Christian Family.

    The memorial served a purpose just as the treatment I took in the Pakistani Embassy will – which is being investigated by the Police,but will probably be taken no further due to diplomatic immunity.

    Your comments serve no purpose than to stir up division when our community needs to work together.

    Read my blog tomorrow for a full update after I receive an email from the committed Police Officer who is dealing with the matter. Just type British Pakistani Christian into a google search.