Pupils at St Paul’s Catholic High School take part in a day-long sponsored silence to raise money for the Japan Tsunami Appeal and Beat, a charity which helps people with eating disorders

Year 7 pupils from St Paul’s Catholic High School in Wythenshawe have been working hard to raise money for Beat, the charity which helps people with eating disorders and their families, and the Japan Tsunami Appeal through the British Red Cross.

The pupils took part in a day-long sponsored silence at the school.

Lucy Henderson, the teacher at St Paul’s who has been supporting the pupils in their fund-raising activities, said: “The pupils selected their own charities. They felt very passionately about the causes they chose and really wanted to help make a difference.


“The pupils worked well as a team to encourage one another throughout the day. All of the pupils involved felt that their input and contributions were worthwhile and were keen to take part. I am extremely proud of their determination throughout the day and the outcome of their efforts. The money raised by the pupils will be shared between our chosen charities.”

Wiktor Daron, headteacher at St Paul’s, said: “It is not just a fund-raising activity but it also provides a positive learning environment for the pupils.

“I’d like to pay a huge tribute to the pupils for their generosity of spirit and willingness to get involved. It is uplifting to see how hard they are willing to work to help others.

“As a school, we encourage such initiatives and see them as an extremely important part of personal development.”


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