British pilgrims showcase this year's World Youth Day fashion range

In preparation for World Youth Day Madrid 2011, which will take place on August 16-21, two young British pilgrims have been showcasing some of this year’s World Youth Day fashion range.

Initiated by Blessed Pope John Paul II in 1985, World Youth Day brings together young people from across the globe to celebrate the Catholic faith with the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. This year’s event is expected to attract up to two million young people from across the world. Catherine Senor, 16, one of the models in the photoshoot and a World Youth Day pilgrim, said: “I’m really excited about World Youth Day because two million young people are going to be there. To prepare for it I’ve got a blog and I’m telling everybody about how great it’s going to be.”

A keen follower of fashion, Catherine thinks that the pleated maxi skirt is going to be the must-have item to pack in your World Youth Day rucksack this year. It is perfect for hot summer weather: Madrid in August will see temperatures into the 90s. For young men, she thinks that the safari shirt is a timeless classic.