Abbot Cuthbert Johnson OSB reflects on his hopes for the new English translation of the Mass

Abbot Cuthbert Johnson OSB has reflected on his hopes for the new English translation of the Roman Missal, writes Peter Jennings.

Abbot Cuthbert has set out his reflections in a Catholic Truth Society booklet called Understanding the Roman Missal.


Abbot Cuthbert is chaplain to the community of Tyburn Convent in central London. A distinguished liturgist, accomplished musician and writer, he worked in Rome at the Congregation for Divine Worship from 1983 to 1996. He is a consultor to the Congregation and an adviser to the Vox Clara committee.

Abbot Cuthbert said: “The phrase ‘a new Missal’ is slightly misleading because there are no changes in the Order of Mass. I hope that this CTS booklet will provide an easily accessible resource for understanding the Roman Missal. It attempts to answer questions about the Mass by drawing on the writings of the Saints, the Church Fathers, and the teaching of the Church.”