St Joseph's College puts on vocations day for Year 9 pupils

St Joseph’s College recently held a careers day with a twist when Year 9 pupils were given expert advice about vocations.

Karen Cirino, head of Religious Education at the Catholic College in Trent Vale, Stoke, said: “Every year we take a day off for our Year 9 children to explore what it is that God is calling them to do as individuals.

“We look at vocations like teaching, marriage and charitable work as well as vocations such as the priesthood.

“We hold a series of workshops in which expert advisers from all over the United Kingdom, indeed the world, give honest assessments of what is needed, what can be gained but also what sacrifices have to be made.”

Mrs Cirino added: “We believe that every student in our school, indeed every one of us, is made in God’s image, some might want to reflect that in a creative role, others might want to show that in a reflective role. Whatever their hopes and aspirations we want to show our pupils what that life might be like.”

The college is rated as “outstanding” by Ofsted.