Rector of the Polish Catholic Mission in England and Wales leads anniversary celebrations at Wolverhampton church

Mgr Stefan Wylężek, the Rector of the Polish Catholic Mission in England and Wales, visited Wolverhampton on Sunday August 21. He led anniversary celebrations at Holy Trinity Polish Catholic church, writes Józef Łopuszyński.

Forty years ago, the Polish community purchased and moved into the church and its neighbouring community centre. On August 22 1971, Polish Bishop Władysław Rubin came to bless the church and centre.

During the anniversary meal which followed the Mass, Mgr Wylężek said: “This is the first time I have visited the parish. This is a special occasion for this anniversary of the Polish centre and the celebration [of Mass] was so well-followed and the people were very, very attentive to the Word of God and in prayer.

“And now we are at table, because in this place what we have in the Church we share. We share our friendship at table because this centre is for everyone who wants to be here and to make friends within the Polish community. They are also here to celebrate this very important event among their friends and among their families.

“So for me it’s very important not to be close only in church but also at table and through the many many charitable actions that this parish is doing in this place.”

During the Mass the Psalm and Alleluia were sung solo by Walsall girl Kamila Urban.