More than 1,000 people take part in a Marian procession in Manchester

More than 1,000 people took part in a procession on Saturday to mark the month of October.

Organised by the Christian Life Movement, the procession was aimed at bringing together Catholics from all walks of life and promoting devotion to the Virgin Mary.

The centrepiece was an eight-foot statue of the Madonna, brought all the way from Peru, which led the crowd from St Edward’s church in Rusholme to a nearby park.

Many people applauded as the crowd filed past.

The statue was carried in turns by over 40 men. Petals were strewn in front of the Madonna by schoolchildren, which was immediately followed by a cohort of local clergy. A pipe band played many devotional tunes. Onlookers were amazed at the sight of so many people walking through city streets on a scorching hot morning, singing hymns and praying.

Paddy Walsh, a construction worker and volunteer who helped carry the statue, said: “Today has been amazing. It is wonderful to come here and witness to our faith in a way that turns people’s heads. I love Mary as my mother. We hope that this has a good effect on our faith and encourages others to think.”

Inspector Damian O’Reilly, who managed the policing of the event, said: “I remember the old days and it’s nice to get something going again. This is just going to get bigger and bigger.”

The Marian Community of Reconciliation, who are in the same spiritual family as the Christian Life Movement, were responsible for the event.