Prayer service and procession marks anniversary of Abortion Act in Glasgow

Thursday October 27 marked the 44th anniversary of passing of the Abortion Act 1967. Various events took place across Britain.

Around 200 people gathered in Glasgow city centre to pray for an end to abortion, for the repeal of the Act and for all those affected by it throughout the past decades – babies, mothers, fathers, grandparents and families.

A short prayer service was held in George Square followed by a torchlight procession through the city’s streets toward the Metropolitan Cathedral of St Andrew.

Catholic Parliamentary Officer John Deighan spoke to the people gathered beforehand.

“Our modern society is turning human life into a commodity that is expendable but tonight your witness is standing up against that,” he said. “We are standing here to say: ‘No! Every human life from the very beginning is precious!’ and we will march tonight through the streets of Glasgow to show that. And we know that this situation doesn’t just arise because of politicians. It arises because of a spiritual battle as well, and that is why prayer is an important part of the work that we do.

“Sometimes people involved in pro-life may not share religious beliefs, but for those who know that the spiritual battle is important, we have to make sure that prayer is fundamental to our efforts. It’s great that lots of people who can’t always join us here tonight at the square are going to be joining us in prayer at the cathedral and around the country. So thank you for your efforts in that. Keep your prayers up. I hope that you are inspired and we can indeed be hopeful for we have defeated the recent attempt at pro-euthanasia. We will show a recognition for the dignity of every human life and we will eventually overturn abortion at some stage. For some reason now, God is allowing it, maybe to get us to pray more, maybe that we become greater witnesses for the values of life in our society.”

With the stewarding help of Strathclyde Police, people safely arrived at the cathedral and were there joined by another 100 or so pro-lifers, including Archbishop Mario Conti of Glasgow, who welcomed the procession and led the people in further prayer.

The staff and pupils of St Ninian’s High School provided the music.

Archbishop Conti said: “My dear friends, thank you for the witness that you have given this evening toward the dignity and preciousness of unborn life. We have to pray with the assurance that our prayers are always heard.”