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Liturgy association holds its AGM

The Association for Latin Liturgy holds annual meeting at parish of St Mary Magdalen, Brighton

By on Thursday, 10 November 2011

Solemn Mass is celebrated at St Mary Magdalen, Brighton  Photo: Christopher Francis

Solemn Mass is celebrated at St Mary Magdalen, Brighton Photo: Christopher Francis

The Association for Latin Liturgy enjoyed one of its most successful Annual General Meetings ever on Saturday October 15.
Members were the guests of the parish of St Mary Magdalen, Brighton, and of its parish priest, Fr Ray Blake.

At midday Solemn Mass for the feast of St Teresa, Doctor of the Church, was celebrated by Mgr Andrew Burnham of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, assisted by Deacon James Bradley, also of the Ordinariate, and Brother Anselm Carpenter of Farnborough Abbey.

The Mass was celebrated in the Novus Ordo, as is always the rule for the association’s Masses, using the ad orientem option, with the Roman Canon, including all the names of the saints.

Schola Scholastica, directed by Clare Bowskill, sang the plainsong proper Dilexisti justitiam and led the congregation in Mass XV Dominator Deus, with Credo III. At the Offertory they sang the Salve Mater Misericordiae and during Communion a three-part setting of Panis Angelicus by Giuseppe Baini (1775-1844).

In his homily, reflecting on the life of the great saint whose day we were celebrating, Mgr Burnham spoke of the great importance, indeed the centrality, of the interior spiritual life.

After lunch Mgr Burnham gave the talk on “the Liturgical Patrimony of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham and the Reform of the Reform”.

The day continued with First Vespers of Sunday when the officiant was Deacon James Bradley and which was again magnificently led by the Schola and concluded with a beautiful celebration of Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament led by Fr William Young.

  • Inquisator

    I wasn’t aware that the NO Mass was part of the Anglican patrimony brought over into the Catholic Church by those who left their church to enter the Ordinariate.

  • Anonymous

    Come again, Inquisitor?  Are you being serious?  Oh, I get it: a somewhat Pythonesque remark from a Ministry of Silly Inquisitions, as in “We are the Spanish Inquisition!”  Or not, perhaps?

  • John

    Inquisator, the converts have no Mass Rite of their own to use so the NO or EF is appropriate.  The puzzle is the role/connection of Anselm with the Ordinariate?

  • Steaphenbrian0306

    Good to see the Ordianriate having fun! Somethings don;t change!

  • leutgeb

    I was singing in the schola and it was a very enjoyable day. We all had fun. My understanding of the ordinariate, as a mere lay Catholic woman, is that they are now Catholics in Communion with the Pope.  That means that if they want to come and join in with any Mass or event in a Catholic Church they are more than welcome.
    In due course, they will have there own particular way of celebrating Mass, no doubt.
    Mgr Burnham’s paper was very interesting and he was very charming.