Anthony Bailey is awarded the 2012 Sternberg Foundation Interfaith Gold Medallion at a ceremony in London

Sir Sigmund Sternberg has awarded the 2012 Sternberg Foundation Interfaith Gold Medallion to Anthony Bailey at a ceremony held at his London home in the presence of several ambassadors to the Court of St James’s, friends, family and colleagues.

This high distinction was granted following the unanimous decision of the award judges. According to Sir Sigmund, it was granted
“in recognition of Anthony Bailey’s many years of endeavour and exceptional contribution to the improvement of understanding between the faiths in the United Kingdom and across the world”.

Michael Sternberg, QC, chairman of the Three Faiths Forum, said: “Anthony’s work in the field of interfaith relations is tireless. We salute his great achievements and are especially delighted knowing that he has agreed to accept this distinction.”

During the event Mr Bailey was presented with the Gold Medallion and certificate by Imam Maulana Shahid Raza, deputy director of the Muslim College in London, chairman of the Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board and president of the World Islamic Mission of Europe.

He said: “In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Kind, I know that Muslim communities across the Middle East and in this country highly admire Anthony Bailey for his services and his invaluable contributions to peace-building. As a Muslim and as an imam I feel very privileged to be able to present this Gold Medallion to him.”

At the conclusion of the ceremony Mr Bailey said: “I am very honoured to have been recognised in this way especially coming as it does from one of the world’s leading interfaith champions who is one of the principal inspirations behind my work in this area. I accept the award on behalf of all those whom I have worked with on advancing this vital work around the world.”

The Interfaith Gold Medallion was established in 1986 and awarded to outstanding individuals who have helped promote peace and tolerance between people of different faiths.

In 2007 a special Interfaith Gold Medallion with Diamond was presented on behalf of the faith communities in Britain to Queen Elizabeth II in a ceremony held at Buckingham Palace in the presence of nine faith leaders.

The Sternberg Foundation applies its funds for general charitable purposes by the making of grants, in particular to charitable institutions. It has a special interest in the furtherance of interfaith activities and the promotion and support of education in the fields of racial and religious harmony.