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Diocese unveils vestments

Westminster priests given new vestments for first time in 30 years

By on Wednesday, 11 April 2012

A priest wears the new design before the Chrism Mass   Photo: Diocese of Westminster

A priest wears the new design before the Chrism Mass Photo: Diocese of Westminster

Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster, auxiliary bishops and 350 priests and deacons of the Diocese of Westminster wore a new design of diocesan vestments when they celebrated the annual Chrism Mass at Westminster Cathedral on April 3.

Colours and geometrical patterns of Westminster Cathedral are key features of the new vestments, which replace a previous design dating from 1982. A new mitre for the Archbishop of Westminster has also been produced, with its design matching that of the vestments.

Fr Slawomir Witon, one of the leaders of the design project said: “The decorative pattern includes the outline of five interwoven circles, which can be seen as representing the first five books of the Old Testament or Christ surrounded by the four evangelists. The circular ‘Cosmatesque’ design is featured on the pulpit of Westminster Cathedral, and on the seat or ‘cathedra’ of the archbishop.”

  • Adam

    Not fantastic but better than the usual rubbish that’s made. Pebble by pebble , eh.

  • Benedict Carter


    What happened to the vestments with the Cross embroidered onto them?

    Thrown into the rubbish. 

    Now it’s “geometrical patterns”, eh? 

    Oh so New Age. But hardly Catholic.

  • Coyleaidan

    How on earth do geometric patterns qualify as ‘New Age’?

  • Marcus Stewart

    Innocuous, hardly captivating, but an improvement on the tasteless tat that so often passes for RC vestments.

    [Those placards: amateurish and embarrassing - like something being sent-up on 'Father Ted...'] 

  • Parasum

    Possibly because they are Celtic & (often, but not here) abstract ?

    The fabric looks weird – like sacking. The colours clash. Off-white does *not* go with that shade of red & with that shade of green. And there is nothing symbolic in the shape of a lozenge, or in that combination of colours. As a design, the design is a mess.

  • baoni779
  • haoben405
  • Cameron Neal

    Nothing special, but definitely much better than those disgusting Greek crosses made out of rectangles… which were in turn made out of little thin stripes.

    And one thing I have never understood is why bishops try to match their mitres to their chasubles.  It’s awful and so very inefficient as far as cost goes.  Back in the day, almost all mitres were white with either gold or silver metallic, so that they could go with practically any chasuble.  Now we have this nasty matchy-matchy fashion trend with bishops.  Actually, this trend is slowly dying, which is good, but it is still alive.  However, if you look at the websites and catalogues of the best makers, mitres and chasubles rarely if ever come in matching sets.

  • liulan991


  • maideqi


  • Molliebenson

    Looks like a pack of cards.

  • Guest234

    Yah the jokers in a pack of cards