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Archbishop celebrates Masses for children’s charity

Archbishop Vincent Nichols celebrates two Masses to mark the culmination of a charity’s Lenten appeal

By on Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Archbishop Nichols at one of the Masses (Photo: Mazur)

Archbishop Nichols at one of the Masses (Photo: Mazur)

Pupils from 60 schools attended two Good Shepherd Masses held at Westminster Cathedral on Tuesday, marking the culmination of the Catholic Children’s Society (Westminster) Lenten appeal. The Good Shepherd Mass is the Society’s annual “thank you” to staff, pupils and parents who have supported their Lenten fundraising campaign.

The Mass marks the end of the “Let Your Light Shine” appeal, which raised awareness and money for families and children in the Diocese of Westminster experiencing financial hardship, mental and physical health impediments and other problems impacting on the stability of the family.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster celebrated both Masses, the theme of which was “Jesus, Light of the World”. Children and young adults participated in the Masses by reading, singing and altar serving. Every child who attended the Mass has received a bookmark with a prayer specially written for the occasion, by Sister Mary of St Joseph and the nuns of the Carmelite Monastery.

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    I really find the British bishops and archbishops pretty decent sober folk who know their theology well. They just go about their jobs in a decent correct way without worrying about what Rome says or think. They do their job without looking over their shoulder at the Vatican.  My admiration for Cardinal Basil Hulme is undiminished many years after his death. He was a good simple Benedictian abbott. RIP Cardinal Basil Hulme OSB

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    It is not enough for a bishop or archbishop to just “know their theology well” – humility in having fidelity and obeying the successor of St. Peter is also the key.

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